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Welcome to Elizabeth’s Elders!  This genealogy website is focused primarily on the McClarney, Standifer, Rochelle, Hargrove/Hargrave, Canup, and Wales families of the Southeastearn U.S.  These families were primarily based in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia in the early years (1700s-1800s).  The counties we/they lived in were, in no particular order, Caswell Co. NC, New Hanover Co. NC, Limestone Co. AL, Madison Co. AL, Bledsoe Co. TN and many others.

Not all the people on this family tree are my elders, I admit it.  I just like the alliteration, though it is rather fun to tease the oldies in the family!  So as not to reveal their ever-so-advanced ages and other private information, I've kept the birthdates and names of living family members private.  Some of us feel we’re not aging gracefully, so I do not post recent photos of anyone (especially myself).

I have cited as many sources as possible so that you can judge for yourself the reliability of the information contained herein.  A lot of facts can be verified online, thanks to the efforts of many county and volunteer genealogy organizations that post freely available information.  Sometimes, however, the only citation I’ve listed is the word of a family historian, though their words are quite valuable.

Please follow the links above to see old family photos, genealogy blogs on several families I’m researching, and a GEDCOM data file for those who wish to clip a relevant portion of it for use in their own family trees.   If you have any information to share or corrections to make, please contact me at:  seu92@yahoo.com

-- Elizabeth Rochelle Heyman                          

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